Small groups are a great way to grow in faith and build meaningful relationships.

At Brookwood, you’ll find a variety of groups that meet different days and times during the week, and at different locations throughout the community.

Many of our Small Groups study and discuss the main topic of Sunday’s message using a weekly Discussion Guide. Others study a book of the Bible or topics relevant to life.

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Reasons to be in a Small Group

  • Grow your faith. Small Groups provide a way of doing life together that tremendously assists spiritual growth.
  • Build relationships that matter. Whether in times of crisis or celebration, Small Groups become family, providing support and encouragement.
  • Learn to Walk with God. Small Groups are a great place to study the Bible, ask difficult questions, and learn to apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.
  • Discover your purpose. Small Groups move us from being spectators to participants by allowing us to use our gifts and talents as we serve others.
  • Small Groups are Jesus’ model. Though He spoke to large crowds, He spent most of His time with 12 disciples, life-on-life, one day at a time.

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