Visitation Team - Patewood Rehabilitation and Health
Details: On the 4th Saturday of each month we go to Patewood Rehabilitation and Health at 10:00AM and lead an activity for the residents there. We also have some individuals that go at other times during the month to visit with the residents one-on-one.
Experience: Each person who joins the Patewood Rehabilitation and Health Team Ministry must go through a background check and application process. Once approved they will be notified and given instructions on how to join in.
Schedule: We gather as a group at Patewood Rehabilitation and Health on the 4th Saturday of each month at 10 AM. Our activity is usually finished in time for us to leave at 11:15 AM. They are those who like to visit one-on-one with the residents or that choose to do so because they cannot come on Saturday. These individuals will be given a more flexible schedule to work for them. Visiting times must be cleared through the Activities Director at Patewood Rehabilitation and Health.
Contact Info: Amy Mitchell
[email protected]