Groups Leadership

Leading a Small Group might be the challenge you’ve been looking for or maybe you simply have a heart to see others embrace and grow in Christ. Small Groups at Brookwood is the environment designed for people to extend grace, encourage growth and experience God on an ongoing basis.

Our Small Group staff is ready to talk with you and help you discover how you might help people connect to others in small groups. Your next step is to email the Adult Discipleship Department .

Group Leader Qualifications
  • Have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Been baptized by immersion.
  • Completed Brookwood Membership Class and be an active member of Brookwood Church.
  • Complete Leadership Training and agree to implement and hold to the Leader Values of Brookwood Church.
  • Agree to come into the Brookwood Groups Ministry leadership structure.
Objectives for Small Groups

Relate with God through these priorities:
  • SURRENDER to God our lives and our resources.
  • COMMUNICATE with God in prayer and through the Bible.
  • PARTICIPATE with believers by serving others with our gifts and talents and gathering in Jesus' name.
  • DEMONSTRATE love to the world through caring for others through life challenges and sharing the good news of Jesus with unreached people.

Facilitate/Lead a group of 4 to 12 adults in becoming Christ-centered

Major responsibilities:
  1. Shepherd.
    • Encourage, lead, and guide a small group that meets at least twice a month.
    • Attend Small Group Leader Gatherings as requested by Adult Discipleship Pastor, normally three times a year (January, March or April, August).
  2. Guide group to take next steps to relate with God through surrendering to God and communicating with Him.
  3. Guide group to take next steps to relate with God through participating with believers and demonstrating love to the world.
  4. Nurture four key relationships.
    • With Jesus - through serving, giving, daily prayer and Bible reading.
    • With partner - through WIPE, SOAP, BITE process.
    • With apprentice - through sharing leadership in the group.
    • With coach - through sharing ideas on taking next steps to love God and people.
  5. Seek to exhibit the qualities of a servant listed in 1 Timothy 3:8-13, and apply the Biblical Conduct Guidelines to your actions.

Click on the document name download and complete the Small Group Leader Application and Group Plan.

Small Group Leader Tools

Leaders if you don't see your group listed in the Find a Small Group tool, please email  or call the Adult Discipleship department at 864.688.8212.

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Click here to download the Purpose Driven Small Group Health Assessment.
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Click here to view Small Group Curriculum recommendations. The Bookstore maintains a substantial curriculum lending library.  If you find a study that interests you, they'll be happy to order study guides and books for your small group members to purchase.  If you have any questions email The Bookstore or call 864.688.8300.