Steps to Grow Your Love for God and People

Ministry Plan 2015-2016

We appreciate you making a commitment to grow your love for God and people and supporting the Ministry Plan for 2015-2016. Please find some contacts, classes and events below that can help inspire your growth process:

I will SURRENDER to God by:

Trusting my life to Jesus for the first time.
The following options are available to help you learn what it means to be a Christian and how you can personally trust your life to Jesus:
  • Stop by the Care Connection Room in the Concourse any Sunday morning.
  • Email or call Lenny Miller at 864.688.8266 to setup an appointment to learn more about knowing Christ.
  • Visit to see a list of classes for all ages. Learn more about faith and how to express it through Baptism.
  • You can also visit to register for the Mile 2Becoming class on Becoming a Christian.
Increasing the amount I give to God.
There are several ways you can give financially to God through Brookwood Church. The most cost effective way for the church to receive offerings is through recurring, online giving from your bank account.
Click here to get started with the giving method that works best for you.
I will COMMUNICATE with God by:

Talking with God in prayer every day.
The following options can help you talk with God in prayer, and offer an opportunity to get involved in the ministry of prayer at Brookwood Church:
  • Keep a daily journal of your prayers and praise for answered prayers.
  • Consider serving in the Brookwood Prayer Room. To learn more about volunteering one hour a week in the Prayer Room, email or call Lisa Campbell at 864.688.8291
  • Join us in the Auditorium Sunday mornings at 8:15 am to pray. Everyone is welcome as we gather and ask for God's blessings on our Sunday services.
Reading the Bible daily.
You can choose from these Bible reading plans or design your own to help you Communicate with God by reading the Bible daily.
  • Visit to find the Discussion Guide with Daily Bible Readings based on each Sunday message.
  • Read a chapter a day starting with the book of John. Keep reading through the end of the New Testament, then start with the Old Testament until you complete the entire Bible.
  • Have the Verse of the Day emailed to your inbox from
  • Customize your own Bible reading plan at
I will PARTICIPATE with believers by:

Finding a place to Serve.
You can Love God and Love People by serving others at Brookwood and throughout our community. 
Joining a Small Group.
Thank you for your commitment to join a Small Group. Here are some options that can help you take your next step:

  • Find a friend who is in a group and ask if you can join them at their next group meeting.
  • Search for a group.
  • Email or call Lora Catoe at 864.688.8242 for assistance with finding a Small Group.
Becoming a Brookwood member through the Membership class.

Thank you for taking a step to learn more about membership at Brookwood Church. Membership isn't just about attending church, it's about relationships and commitment to a godly purpose beyond ourselves.

We invite you to join us for the Membership Class:

I will DEMONSTRATE love to the world by:

Caring for others in practical ways.
Here are some ways you can to show the love of Jesus by caring for those in our church in in our community: 
Telling someone how God changed my life.
We are delighted you want to share your faith with others. Please join us for a class taught by Fenton Moorhead, Missions Pastor titled Mile 4–Sharing. This class will equip you with the tools to feel comfortable sharing your faith story with others.