The Brookwood Church App

Experiencing a transformed life can be at your fingertips. Use the Brookwood app to pursue relationship with Jesus wherever you are! You’ll find opportunities to communicate with God, connect with Christians, and care for others in the community.


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Use the Brookwood Church app to further pursue your relationship with Jesus wherever you are! You can engage in church services, utilize resources to grow in your faith, sign-up for activities to connect with believers, get help through various support groups and counseling, as well as discover opportunities to reach out to others in the community.


Getting Started (learn more)

Receiving Notifications from Brookwood

When you download the app, we encourage you to Accept Push Notifications from Brookwood. This will help us communicate important matters to you and help you communicate with God. What does that look like? (learn more)
  1. We communicate with you - If it snows, a meteor hits the church, or a kid's event is rained out we can use the app notification to quickly stay in touch and keep you informed about what to do next.
  2. You communicate with God - when you download the app, you're automatically setup to receive Daily Readings to help you stay in communication with God throughout the week. These messages include
    • Sunday evening Soul Training which reaches your Inbox at 6:30 pm.
    • Monday–Friday Daily Bible Readings that arrive at 6:30 am.*
    • Saturday notes to Prepare for Sunday appear at 6:30 pm.

If you miss the pop-up notification on your phone, you can always check the app Inbox.  All notifications you're subscribed to will appear there.

*If you'd like to do a Daily Reading, just not hear a chirp at 6:30 am, access your mobile device Settings, look for Notifications or Sound & Notification, find the Brookwood app and turn off Sounds.

Customizing Your Notifications

To change what notifications you receive from Brookwood, simply press the More button and tap Choose Your Notifications Here. Check only the notifications in your areas of interest.

NOTE: The Brookwood Church app was designed optimally for IOS and Android mobile device users. We encourage tablet users to access our full website at

Home Screen Button Features (learn more)

Welcome to Brookwood If you're considering a visit to Brookwood or you're poking around in the app, you're starting in the right place. You can learn our desire for you, call or email us, find times, directions as well as invite a friend. We have special options for first time guests, you can get to know a little bit about Brookwood pastors, and you can encourage someone with a special needs child/adult to attend services while their child is cared for in the Special Friends Ministry. (learn more)

Below are the features available under Welcome to Brookwood:
  • About Brookwood
    • Our Desire for You!
    • Email.
    • Phone.
    • Access the full website.
  • Times and Directions
    • Map the shortest course to get to church.
    • Invite a friend!
    • View service times and office hours.
  • First Time Guests
    • First Time Kids ages birth–grade 4 can be registered before you arrive to make your first check-in experience a little zippier.
    • Take a Virtual Tour so you'll be familiar with Brookwood before you arrive.
    • Learn about premium parking and services for first time guests.
    • Let us know who you are by completing a Connection Card and allowing us the opportunity to answer any questions you have.
  • Special Friends
    • Email or phone our ministry to plan your first visit.
    • Share this ministry with a friend.
  • Our Pastors
    • See their charming faces!
    • Access them by email or phone.
    • Add their contact information to your device.
    • Learn a few random facts about each of our Pastors.

Watch & Listen to the past Sunday's message as well as look through the vast archives of video and audio sermons. (learn more)
  • Watch Now
    • Watch last Sunday's Worship Music and Message.
    • Share them with friends and family.
    • Learn about other ways you can watch Brookwood Messages via iTunes, the Brookwood Roku Channel, and CDs/DVDs available after each Sunday service.
  • View Video Archives
    • Watch and Share past Sunday Messages.
  • View Audio Archives
    • Listen and Share past Sunday Messages.

Message Resources allow you to access all the information in each week's Sunday Program on the go.  (learn more)
  • Sunday Program 
    • Sunday Music - see and listen to the Sunday worship lineup. Hear a snippet of each song available through Spotify.  If you have a Spotify account you can listen to full versions and download them.
    • Ministry Spotlight - learn more about the featured ministry on Sunday and contact a ministry leader. If you're physically at church on Sunday you can talk to leaders and volunteers after services to learn more and get connected. 
    • Events, Classes, Support Groups and more - updated each week, you'll find all the activities in the Sunday Program.  From the app you can register and share with your friends and family too!
  • Bible - Access to multiple Bible translations through YouVersion from
  • Outline - Instead of the paper Outline in your Program, you can access the Outline through YouVersion, take notes and save them.
  • Discussion Guide - Also in this electronic format, you can access the Discussion Guide to dig deeper by yourself, with a friend or in your Small Group, take notes and save them.
  • Prepare for Next Week - You can access notes to Prepare for Next Week familiarizing your mind and heart to what's coming. If you subscribe to Daily Reading Notifications (above), you'll also receive these notes on your mobile device at 6:30 pm Saturday evenings.

Get Involved offers you the opportunity to look through and register for the latest open classes and events, learn more about becoming a Member, discover a place to volunteer and/or find a Small Group. (learn more)
  • Classes - consider a class to support your relationship with God and connect with others. View all classes open for registration.
  • Events - engage in a wide variety of activities for children, students and adults.
  • Membership - learn more about Brookwood and what membership is all about.
  • Outreach - check out an opportunity to serve in the community or go on a local or international mission trip.
  • Serve with Us - look at all opportunities to volunteer in and around Brookwood.
  • Find a Small Group - locate a group of people you're comfortable getting to know to share with and grow deeper in your faith.

Give from a joyful heart. Your financial partnership makes it possible for us to share God's love and help others pursue a relationship with Jesus. (learn more)
The most cost effective way to support the Brookwood Ministry Plan is to setup recurring gifts from your bank account. You can use your debit/credit card or bank account (ACH) to give once or setup a recurring gift.

Get Help during business hours and even when the church is closed. Email, call and view the many areas of care Brookwood offers. 

Menu Bar Functionality (learn more)

Home returns you to the home page of the Brookwood Church app.

Calendar allows you to view activities at Brookwood by date and filter to see only the ministries that interest you. (learn more)
You'll find the name, time, date and location of each activity, and you can even share this information with your friends and family.

Prayer gives you the option to call or send in your requests and answers to prayer. We're always interested in how God works in your life. (learn more)
If you submit a prayer request and check that your prayer is Private, your request will go directly to the Prayer Room, and you will not be contacted. If it’s not checked as a Private Prayer Request, we may ask someone from another Brookwood ministry to contact you for further support.

Inbox is where any push notifications we send you will reside. If you miss the notification, the message will remain in your Inbox. A message with a blue dot beside it is unread.

More offers a quick way to call different departments on staff, access Brookwood via social media, let us know your app questions and suggestions, and change your notifications. (learn more)
  • Staff Contacts - view a list of departments so you can quickly email or call.
  • Social Media - connect with Brookwood through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • App Questions and Suggestions - Email or call with your questions and suggestions, so the app can be as beneficial as possible to you and others.
  • Choose Your Notifications Here - To change what notifications you receive from Brookwood, simply press the More button more... and tap Choose Your Notifications Here. Check only the notifications you prefer to receive.