We feel small groups are a great way to connect with other believers, as well as to grow spiritually. At Brookwood, you’ll find a wide variety of groups for men, women, couples, singles and students. You’ll also find groups located in neighborhoods throughout Greenville County. 

Small Groups - What Are They?

Each group is unique, just like the people involved. They can consist of a few couples or multiple individuals. Our small groups are one of the places where people are personally encouraged and challenged in their relationship with God and each other. Participating in small groups is one way people can connect and serve in an authentic, Christ-centered community.

Six Reasons to Consider a Small Group

  1. It helps us understand the Bible better through group discussion as we apply the Bible to your own personal situations.
  2. We can develop close relationships with others who will walk beside us in our journey as Christ followers.
  3. It’s a place to find answers to the needs in our lives through group prayer.
  4. It can support us during times of crisis or major changes by connecting us with  people who really care.
  5. We can demonstrate the love of Christ to our non-church friends outside the traditional church setting.
  6. It can help us move from being a spectator to a participant by using our gifts and talents as we serve others.

Connect to Others through Small Groups

We know it can be difficult to move from a large gathering like Sunday worship and take the step of making a commitment to a small group of people. We want to encourage you and help you be successful as you take that step at a pace that makes you comfortable. Here are some suggested steps to help you connect to a small group:

  1. Connect to a Group - Search for a group using our Small Group Locator and email the leader by completing the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Membership Class - This class covers the mission and motivation behind Brookwood, led by Senior Pastor Perry Duggar and Executive Pastor David Hardy.
  3. Small Group Sampler - Periodic event where you meet others interested in connecting to a small group.
  4. Drop by the Information Desk following each service on Sunday where a volunteer will be available to answer your questions and suggest small group opportunities.
  5. Find a Student Small Group.