Premarital Mentoring


The Brookwood Premarital Mentoring process is open to engaged couples, and it is our hope that you will take this opportunity to invest in your future together. To start the premarital process you must be an engaged couple with a wedding date set. Contact us early, preferably 120 days before your wedding date, in order to have time to fulfill the requirements.

Each couple will have to fill out an online survey, meet with the Associate Care Pastor, purchase the needed materials, accomplish reading and homework assignments, as well as meet with a mentoring couple 6 to 8 times.

NOTICE: For couples desiring to participate in Premarital Mentoring, hold their wedding at Brookwood, or are planning to have a Brookwood Pastor perform their ceremony:

  • The Brookwood Premarital Mentoring process and agreement with the Brookwood Premarital Covenant is required for Couples desiring to be married at Brookwood and or by a Brookwood Pastor.
  • Please understand that in some cases, if we have less than 120 days we may not be able to accommodate the timeline and you will not be able to hold your wedding at Brookwood. The sooner you get involved with us the better.


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