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Adventure Week Volunteers • Grade 12–Adult (current)

This registration is for volunteers who are currently in Grade 12–Adult.

If you have a volunteer to register who's in a different age group, please do not use this registration.

CLICK HERE to choose the correct volunteer age group.

Volunteer opportunities are divided into separate age groups:


  • Craft Team: Assist the kids in doing crafts that tie into the week's lessons.
  • Small Group Leader: Lead the same small group of kids from activity-to-activity throughout the week, build relationships and participate in the activities with the kids.
  • Recreation Team: Help kids play on water slides, obstacle course and other fun activities.


  • Bible Spotlight Team: Assist with the presentation of the Salvation message.
  • Breakout Rooms: Assist kids with getting out of the spy’s hideout!
  • Crack the Code:  Assist kids with cracking spy codes to save their team!
  • Clued In: Assist kids to solve a mystery in a life-sized board game!
  • Huddle Team: Volunteers will help organize materials and distribute to the small groups each day, and will also assist Small Group leaders as needed to help them focus on that day’s material.
  • Obstacle Course: Assist kids to maneuver through an obstacle course.
  • Photography: Take pictures around campus during Adventure Week.
  • Small Group Leader*: Lead the same small group of kids from activity-to-activity throughout the week. *You may choose which grade you'd prefer to work with.
  • Spy Academy: Assist kids to learn how to move like spies.
  • Water Slides: Assist kids on the water slides.

Before Adventure Week begins...

  • Decoration Team: Volunteers will help the week before Adventure Week (June 8–12) to decorate the Concourses and Auditorium.
  • Chair Team: Volunteers will help with placing chairs immediately following the 11 am service on June 14.