REBOOT Combat Recovery


Mondays, January 22–April 22
6–8 pm

Pod D

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Tuesday, January 30


For many service members, the battle doesn't end when deployment is over. After their service, veterans may experience another battle with an unseen enemy—hopelessness, depression and suicide. The mind and body can both be wounded, but the soul can suffer too.

There is hope! REBOOT Combat Recovery is a faith-based, 12-week course that approaches combat trauma from a different angle. REBOOT provides tools to push back against the darkness and start a new, proven path of healing in community with other veterans and their spouses.

Each week will include a video and a class discussion on the topics below:

  • Week 1: A Wounded Soul
  • Week 2: The Roots of Trauma
  • Week 3: A Restored Soul
  • Week 4: Stop the Bleeding
  • Week 5: Be Free
  • Week 6: The Cost of Unforgiveness
  • Week 7: When You've Loved and Lost
  • Week 8: Depression and Suicide
  • Week 9: Made on Purpose
  • Week 10: Going Through the Valley
  • Week 11: Share Your Story
  • Week 12: Graduation

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