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West Africa

Dennis and Vania Aggrey

Liberia partners since 2007

Dennis and Vania are working with the Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA) in Liberia.  Since 2007: 

  • They're currently leading 325 church planters through 2 years of church planting training in 15 training centers across Liberia
  • They recently broke ground for the River of Life Center. The center will be a Bible college, Teacher's Training College as well as a conference center.
  • They host "Homebuilders Groups" which are couples Bible studies.
  • They launched a new project called "Yassah Project". A group of ladies meet weekly and make Lappa Beads which are used to make jewelry. These ladies are also making purses and other bags. This is a sustainability project not only for the ladies but also for CRCA.

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Water of Life

Partnership in India and West Africa

The presence of Water of Life in West Africa and India is a key aspect of a Brookwood partnership. Providing a water well opens the doors for starting new churches with Dennis Aggrey and Alphonso Barry in West Africa, and pastor Praveen in India. Providing clean fresh water for those suffering because of disease from drinking bad water is an act of pure compassion.

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Alphonso and Nana Barry

Sierra Leone partners since 2010

Alphonso, a converted Fula Muslim, has a passion to reach his people and start churches in Muslim villages where there has never been a church. Nana, a nurse, now has her dream of a mobile medical clinic.

A Muslim chief turned away Alphonso and Water of Life who wanted to drill a water well in the village. But when the women who had to carry the unclean water from a great distance heard what the chief had done they protested. The chief apologized to Water of Life and welcomed the Christians back to the village. A water well was drilled near a mosque with a sign that says, "A Gift from Jesus". The new church in the village is growing.

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