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Axis Student Ministry helps middle school students develop their own personal relationship with God.

Why should students come to Axis?

  • FRIENDS - Axis starts off each Sunday with a fun game so students can interact with each other and their Small Group leaders. It's a great way to build relationships while having fun.
  • WORSHIP - Students experience worship through music, praying and giving.
  • MESSAGE - Each week students hear Biblically-based messages designed for grades 7–8. They're taught how to use their Bibles, and apply the message to their middle school world.
  • BREAKOUT GROUPS - Students are divided into breakout groups to discuss what they've learned and how it applies to their lives.

How do students get plugged in to Axis?

  • COME ON SUNDAYS - Students will hang out with their Axis friends while building relationships with God and leaders.
  • JOIN A SMALL GROUP - Small Groups meet separately from Sunday mornings. Students get to hang out with 8–10 friends and have fun. What's important is they'll learn more about God and what He wants to do in their lives, they'll have a leader who knows them, and a place where they'll belong. Visit for more information.
  • PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS - Make sure you're looking at the list of student events, because Axis always has something fun and exciting planned. Visit for details.

Brookwood Church 7th and 8th grade pastor Chris Burch

Chris Burch 7th & 8th Grade Pastor


Email or call 864.688.8315