Use the resources below to complement your studies, strengthen your faith in meaningful relationships, and grow your love for God.
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Daily Devotional

Satan opposes two things: prayer and spending time in the Bible. Why? Because it's our source of power. It allows us to recharge our faith, something we should do daily. Whether you're comfortable with prayer or you've never really prayed before, this devotional will be catalytic in helping your faith grow and keeping Jesus at the center.


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Use the Outline to follow along with the message, fill in the blanks, and reference Bible verses.

Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper is a resource to use by yourself, with those in your home, or your Community Group.

Guía de mensajes

La Guía de mensajes es una combinación fácil de imprimir de Esquema y Profundización para usar usted mismo, con personas de su hogar u otras personas a través del chat de video.

YouVersion Outline

Follow along with the Message in YouVersion where you can quickly reference Bible verses, access the entire Bible and multiple translations, and jot down notes to save for later reflection and discussion.

YouVersion Digging Deeper

Go deeper into the Message in YouVersion, where you can quickly reference Bible verses and jot down notes to save for later reflection or discussion. Use it by yourself, with family at mealtime, or in your Community Group.

Interpretation Resources