Meet The Team

Executive Leadership Team

Guiding our church with wisdom and vision, nurturing a community built on faith and love.

Bryan Jones
Senior Pastor

J.C. Thompson
Executive Pastor of Strategy and Community Engagement

David Hardy
Executive Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Matt Plunkett
Executive Pastor of NextGen and Local Evangelism

Amy Mitchell
Executive Assistant

Teaching Team

Cultivating spiritual growth through the power of God's Word.

Bryan Jones
Senior Pastor

J.C. Thompson
Executive Pastor of Strategy and Community Engagement

Perry Duggar
Founding Pastor

Adult Discipleship

Building deeper connections with God and one another.

Stewart Mathis
Associate Adult Discipleship Pastor

Luisa Sizemore
Adult Discipleship Administrative Assistant

Mark Taylor
Adult Discipleship Pastor


Extending a compassionate hand to uplift and support every member of our church family.

Gene Beckner
Care Ministries Pastor

Lisa Campbell
Care Ministries Administrative Assistant Groups

Jody Gibson
Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader

Janice Jennings
Financial Care Manager

Elise Romano
Care Ministries Administrative Assistant

Gina Stevens
Care Ministries Coordinator

Doug Wildman
Counseling and Marriage Pastor


Nurturing faith at the heart of every home, uniting the generations through love, learning and laughter.

Hanna Carlisle
BrookwoodKiDs Director

Catherine Cook
BrookwoodKiDs Assistant Director

Wendy Fallow
NextGen Administrative Assistant

Scott Gurley
BrookwoodKiDs Elementary Specialist

Kenna LaPierre
BrookwoodKiDs Administrative Assistant

RaeLee McLeod
BrookwoodKiDs Preschool Specialist

Lynne Neipp
Volunteer Coordinator

Michelle Nolan
Executive Administrative Manager

Kevin Nunnery
Student Pastor

Jordan Pizzuti
BrookwoodKiDs Elementary Coordinator

Laura Reese
BrookwoodKiDs Preschool Coordinator

Ashleigh Rolland
BrookwoodKiDs Grades 4-5 Coordinator


Reaching beyond our walls to spread kindness, hope and the message of God's love to our wider community.

Amy Mitchell
Executive Assistant

Angie Padgett
Special Friends Director

Weekend Experience

Weaving a tight-knit church family by fostering belonging and crafting experiences that stir hearts and minds.

Ethan Bragg
Production Associate

Jacob Calverley
Creative Video Producer/Sunday Technical Director

Lora Catoe
Production Project Coordinator

Kristin Dawsey
Assimilation and Weekend Experience Director

Alicia Evans
Production Associate

Ruth Gaspich
Serve Ministries Specialist

Chandler Hughes
Production Associate

Miles Kondylas
Production Technical Specialist

Connor Logan
Production Specialist

Erin Owens
Production Manager


Creating spaces where faith and fun come together to enrich our lives.

Ashley Shelby
Recreation Director

Michelle Stoudemire
Recreation Administrative Assistant


Infusing our Spirit-filled worship with creativity and heartfelt inspiration.

Carly Burns
Student Worship Resident

Jacob Russo
NextGen Worship Pastor

Brantley Smith
Worship Pastor

Joe Wehunt
Music Director


Creating a sacred space where all can find solace, connection and inspiration in the presence of God.

Jonathan Carlisle
Facilities Services Supervisor

Brian Coker
Facilities Specialist

Christopher Coscarella
Facilities Specialist

Julio Samayoa
Facilities Services Director


Stewarding our resources with integrity and purpose, ensuring the continued growth of our church's mission.

Jeanne Azurin
Finance Specialist

Suzie Binder
Finance Director

Justine Campbell
Finance Specialist

Debbie Caskie
Finance Specialist

Human Resources

Nurturing a culture of appreciation and collaboration, where our incredible team can thrive in service to our community.

Nina Mitchell
Human Resources Director


Supporting the church's mission behind the scenes with innovative technology and efficient management.

Justine Allison
Ops Proj. Director, IT, Bookstore

Clint Bryant
Systems Administrator

Ruth Carey
Administrative Receptionist

Chriscethia Greggs
Administrative Receptionist

Cindy Griffin
Creative Services Manager

Laura Haney
Operations Support Specialist

Jacob Murphy
Full-Stack Developer

Melissa Paul
Data Integrity Coordinator

Sherry Presley
Receptionist/Bookstore Manager

Preschool Academy

Planting the seeds of faith and knowledge in our littlest ones, shaping their futures with love and care.

Laura Burdett
Related Arts Teacher

Renee LaPierre
Academy Director

Kristie Wilhelm
Academy Assistant Director


Trustees are lay persons (non-pastors) who possess spiritual maturity and provide servant leadership in our Church as advisors and counselors. They partner with our pastors to provide direction and oversight for our congregation. They also provide practical/professional experience in areas such as finance, facility construction, human resources, management communications, missions or evangelism. Each year, two trustees will be selected by the Advisory Team and confirmed by vote of the church membership from recommendations submitted by the church body. Each trustee may serve up to three consecutive one-year terms. One year after rotating off of the Advisory Team, a person may be nominated for confirmation to an additional term

Trustees do not serve in the biblical office of deacon, but they are qualified spiritually using the requirements of a deacon. (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

Jason Bergeron

Dawn Carter

Mike Clark

Carl Krauth

Betty Zeller

Staff Contacts

Have a question? Feel free to email or call the appropriate staff member below. Office Hours are 8:30 AM–5:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM–12:30 PM Friday. The receptionist is available to assist you Sundays from 8:30 AM–12:30 PM.

Please note that some staff members who work on Sunday are off on Friday.

Department Contact
Accounts Payable Suzie Binder 864.688.8248
Adult Discipleship Luisa Sizemore 864.688.8212
Bookstore Sherry Presley 864.688.8300
Care Ministries  Care Admin 864.688.8355
Celebrate Recovery Jody Gibson 864.688.8393
Childcare Childcare 864.688.8240
Children (Birth–Grade 5) Wendy Fallow 864.688.8239
Community Groups Luisa Sizemore 864.688.8212
Counseling Care Admin 864.688.8355
Contributions Debbie Caskie 864.688.8249
Creative Services Cindy Griffin 864.688.8391
Facilities  Julio Samayoa 864.688.8263
Human Resources Nina Mitchell 864.688.8265
Information Technology Clint Bryant 864.688.8221
Membership Lora Catoe 864.688.8242
Outreach & Missions Amy Mitchell 864.688.8341
Preschool Academy Renee LaPierre 864.688.8223
Production Lora Catoe 864.688.8242
Recreation Ashley Shelby 864.688.8311
Senior Pastor's Office Amy Mitchell 864.688.8341
Serve Kristin Dawsey 864.688.8282
Special Friends Angie Padgett 864.688.8231
Student Ministry (Grades 6-12)  Wendy Fallow 864.688.8239
Worship  Brantley Smith 864.688.8232
Young Adults Luisa Sizemore 864.688.8212